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Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive

Especially if your team is located in multiple offices or includes mobile or remote workers, there are natural challenges to efficient collaboration. Too often someone in the field cannot access a critical document, losing the opportunity to deliver spectacular service or win that next deal. And how often do multiple authors, trying to work on the same document, get out of sync by emailing overlapping attachments containing a confusing array of comments and edits?

OneDrive offers a cost-effective, cloud-based file storage solution with the "fringe benefit" of solving these frustrating impediments to collaborating. What OneDrive for Business includes:

OneDrive for Business is an excellent solution for businesses eager to get out from under the hassle and risk associated with managing their own file server. Users will love the freedom and convenience, while management will appreciate the low cost. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, Teleset offers a single point of contact for help to acquire the right licenses, manage your subscriptions, migrate your information, and support your users.

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