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Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Of course, your business isn't a business without customers. Of all the computing tasks your team performs, the ones that contribute to keeping your current customers happy and helping you acquire more new ones tend to be the most important. This is what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is built to do.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the first choice for many companies because of its familiar interface and flexibility. By adding Dynamics to an environment that utilizes other Microsoft solutions, your team can reach new heights of efficiency and collaboration:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available on-premise or in the cloud. Whether you are using a CRM system today and wondering if it's time to migrate to a new solution, or are considering your first foray into CRM, it's important to get help to evaluate your options. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, Teleset offers a single point of contact for help to acquire the right licenses, manage your subscriptions, migrate your information, and support your users.

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