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Cloud Computing

While relying upon off-premise computing resources is not that new of a concept, undeniably more and more businesses are embracing "cloud computing."

Just a few of the benefits:

Companies also worry about the risks, "What happens if our Internet connection goes down?" "Will we lose access to our data if we choose to migrate to a different solution?"

In order to enjoy the benefits and minimize the risks, it is essential that companies partner with reliable providers offering robust solutions. At Teleset, we are proud to be a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider offering a single point of contact for the full suite of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

Microsoft Office 365

By migrating to the cloud version of the most popular suite of office applications (and most likely the one your staff prefers), your business can get out from under the hassle of supporting individual desktop applications while providing your team with the latest features and easier collaboration. Learn more...

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

What Office 365 does for applications, the Azure Cloud Platform does for your server infrastructure. Set up Windows or Linux virtual machines, develop and host your own cloud applications, quickly configure databases or set up a custom file storage plan for your enterprise. Learn more...

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

Companies that use CRM systems provide better customer experiences, enjoy higher retention, and empower their employees to be more productive. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, used by over 4 million people, is a tried and true CRM solution now offered in the cloud, on premise, or with a hybrid combination. Learn more...

OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage

For simple-to-use cloud storage that integrates with Windows and supports easier collaboration, there is no better solution than Microsoft OneDrive. Learn more...

Cloud Transition Service

Cloud applications are growing in maturity, as are the tools we can use to make your transition a smooth experience. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we are equipped to get you and your team up, running, and at peak productivity in the shortest time possible. Learn more...